19 years of service

Since 2000, Lifetouch has organized 16, week-long trips, traveling to eight different destinations around the world for a week of intensive volunteer service. 

By the numbers 

  • More than 100,000 volunteer hours 
  • Almost 500 volunteers from 47 states and 5 Canadian provinces
  • Photographed and delivered 5,350 student and family photos
  • Ran 8,075 miles (that’s Chicago to Los Angeles, roundtrip, twice) in three years to raise funds for trips

A look at past trips

2011, 2012, 2014-2018 – Dominican Republic

Joined by educators from around North America, Lifetouch Missions have built two school campuses in Constanza, Dominican Republic. The team built three two-story buildings and a cafeteria, which provides space to learn and grow to more than 400 students.

2010 – Arizona

Volunteers traveled to Navajo Nation to construct a footbridge to connect
two parcels of land divided by a deep ravine so children could get to school safely. The original footbridge had deteriorated so schoolchildren were walking along the nearest highway to get to school.

2007 – Haiti

Volunteers traveled to Haiti to build a school in Fosse Capois. The team helped raise funds and enough money was received to build the Lifetouch Family School. Additional donations received were used for a lunch program and wells for clean water. Since 2000, Lifetouch employee-volunteers have built K-8 schools in twelve Haitian villages.

2006 – New Orleans 

Lifetouch Memory Mission volunteers provided on-site assistance to victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The team assisted with clearing debris and rebuilding efforts.

2003, 2004 – Appalachia 

Volunteers spent time in West Virginia (2003) and Tennessee (2004) repairing homes. Many homes were deteriorating and lacked running water, central heating and other basic necessities. Additionally, Lifetouch set up complete portrait studios in community centers, where families gathered to have their portraits taken, most of them for the first time.

2002 – Jamaica 

Lifetouch Memory Mission volunteers traveled to Catadupa, Jamaica for a week to construct a new roof for an early childhood education and care center. The center provides shelter, protection and food for children whose parents worked several hours away.

2000, 2001 – Kosovo

The Lifetouch Memory Mission has taken volunteers twice to help the elderly and widowed rebuild their homes in a village ravaged by war in Kosovo. The volunteers also took portraits of community members to be used for identification cards.